I must say that the web site is great, I haven’t been on it for awhile it’s really
informative.I’ve been doing the hcg life now for two years through all the surgeries,
vacations, splurges and of course eating what I’m not suppose to I’ve actually done
very well with my weight. I was down to 103 which was way to small I didn’t have a Butt!!
I’ve continued with the maintenance drops and feel they really work.I actually have
only gained about 10lbs back My happiest weight is about 107. So, I’ll probably be
going back on the HCG target some fat and lose  maybe 6-7 lbs.
Thank you my dearest friend
Debbi A, Las Vegas, NV


Dear Roxanne,

I can go two weeks without opening my computer and take even longer to  read the
okes and u tubes that are sent. However, when I do open my computer I always read
what you send immediately. This one,about “Cheating vs Making Better Food Choices”
I think, will hit home to everyone who has  gone through any of your programs.
If they diligently followed your plans they know that what you are stating is true.
I smiled as I read this.  I have been maintaining a weight that I am happy with.
However, when I make that bad choice of having that occasional  bagel at work
(OK….2 Bagels) I know it is not the good choice.  I can do better, and I have
done better in the past.  However,  because I have seen the results from your program,
most of my choices are good. When I “cheat” now, it is not with a bag of potato chips
or a half gallon of ice cream,  but  just overeating ” good food”. I have not eaten
ANY  “junk food”   since the day I made the commitment to change my eating and walked
than it had  (as you said it would), I never have to “white-knuckle”it.
I don’t dwell on it. However, I do weigh myself every morning and write down my weight
on your chart that is hanging on my refrigerator. Any time someone asks me how I lost
weight I tell them about you.  I tell them that it is a commitment they have to be
ready to make. I let them know that if they are willing to make the commitment they
will not only lose weight, but change how they eat I have given your number and e mail
to any one who asks.  Then it is up to them. Again it is not easy. Conscious choices
always have to be made, fully understanding the consequences and benefits ofthose choices.
This is a very long letter for me to write. It is my way to say thank you.
I will be copying what you sent and putting it on my refrigerator near my weight chart.
It is a good reference and reminder.
I hope you and your business are doing great.
Dale, Las Vegas, NV

Well, I just went with my sister for moral support. I didn’t intend to pay attention,
or buy into anything. I thought I was doing just fine and I was healthy. Until I had
my health screening. Cholesterol, triglycerides, BMI, and everything else, was out of
whack and creeping up to increasingly unhealthy levels. In my early 30’s, busy with work,
kids, house, etc. I didn’t take the necessary time to take a closer look and take care.
I just did the occasional fad, yo yo diets, hoping I’d bounce right back like I was 25.
But I wasn’t. So, my sister started, and didn’t last a week. Me, like all others with
siblings, was ready to put myself to the challenge, just to show sissy, it can’t be THAT
bad. And so my journey began…
I’ve always been a little meatball from Long Island. Short, curvy, always had 10-15lbs
to lose. I was skeptic. I won’t lie. I couldn’t wrap my head around eating 500 calories
a day, and LIVE to tell the tale. What about macaroni? Sausage n peppers? Oh well,
I thought. I haven’t pushed myself for a while. LETS DO THIS! I started out at 156.
The first week wasn’t good for me. I was cranky. Tired. HUNGRY. Dreaming of pizza.
ALL THE TIME. And it took some time to adjust. My kids needed higher calorie foods.
o I took an extra few minutes out of my day, and made a separate meal. Who cares?
Some thought I was crazy, but it WORKED! As I cooked for the family,  I munched on the
food I just made for myself, instead of eating, I mean tasting, the meal I was preparing
for my family. I wonder, how many calories have I eaten over the years, eating and
nibbling while I cooked?!!! I learned SO much on this journey. About myself, habits,
quirks, strengths and weaknesses. And I’ve been able to share my story with so many
intrigued people from my transformation! Standing at 5’1″, 156lbs is alott. By the third
week, I was a pro. I was seeing EXTRAORDINARY results. I looked forward to stepping on
the scale. The weight was simply, GONE. Sure, I could’ve cheated. But I didn’t.
This was something I could control, and my spirit was higher than it’s ever been.
Why would I want to cheat on MYSELF?! I’d rather inspire someone else! By the end of it
all, I lost about 38lbs. I feel FANTASTIC. And most importantly, the next year health
assessment, I was in ALL normal ranges across the board!! Healthy inside and out! I’ve been
beaming ever since:) Through this whole journey, Roxanne has been right by my side. She always
lifted me up, and gave me the strength to keep pushing along. It’s a life changer,
and you have to keep that in mind. It’s not easy to break life long habits.
Roxanne knows her stuff and shares all she can so you can be the best you can be.
I even had a major death in the family, and I was able to push along with her help.
Talk about a friend. I’m SO lucky to know this woman! There is no way I would have been
able to correctly complete the protocol without her and the proper education and instruction.
She changed my life. And I laugh because, I just went with my sister to give her moral support,
and I ended up winning. I mean, LOSING!!!:))) THANK YOU ROXANNE!

~•*Sabrina*•~= Las Vegas, NV


My name is Sallie and I was introduced to the HCG program (and Roxanne) through a lifelong friend.
She and I have been on a weight loss journey for decades!!  When my friend had amazing results
with this program, I asked her about it.  I had lost about 10 pounds on Weight Watchers but my weight
loss had stalled and I was looking for a new plan!  She coached me EVERY DAY through Phase 1 and 2.
I also got a lot of support from Roxanne.  It felt like a TEAM EFFORT!!  I lost 19.6 pounds in 33 days
and am now holding steady on Phase 3.  Phase 2 was really amazing.  I am a DAILY espresso
drinker and thought I would have the worst headaches ever. I NEVER had a headache or had any
withdrawal symptoms. I had energy galore and used the days during Phase 2 to reflect on my
life and get some things accomplished.It was really great as I had so much time due to not
having a focus on food!  I am down 5 inches in my waist and hips and 4 1/2 off each thigh.
WOO HOO!! I did have my challenges and had a five day plateau but I KEPT at it and it eventually
ended and I lost 2 pounds on day 6!!
I am not an advocate of “dieting” so when I say this plan works, it is with totally sincerity.
Sallie  Los Osos, CA


Here’s a link to a blog posted By Lisa Kaslyn:


Lisa’s Weight Loss Success Story:
“I felt like I woke up one morning and someone pumped me up with fat!  Where did it come from?
How did it get THERE?!?  Suffice to say, I was disgusted and depressed about the way I was looking.
I used to be a thin avid bike rider and walker.  Then I moved up to the “country,” had another
child and slowly, but surely, bad habits took hold and I gained about 15 pounds.
“I was doing a lot of thinking about change, but not a lot of doing and then I got reconnected
with someone from the past who had become a weight loss coach.  She also sold HCG with her partner,
who is the formulator.  She suggested I go to her website to learn more about the HCG diet and think
about giving it a shot.” “Honestly, I was skeptical, and if I hadn’t known Roxanne before, I probably
would never have considered this, but I did and I lost 10 pounds in three weeks!  The program takes
a total of six weeks.  I started in early November and by Thanksgiving I lost the weight.  The first
three weeks include taking HCG drops sublingually twice a day and maintaining a strict 500
calorie/day diet.  Because the HCG works in your body to release abnormal fat for energy
(between 1,400 – 4,000 calories/day), you’re not starving and women lose an average of between a
half a pound and one pound per day.” “In the maintenance phase, you stop taking the drops and
increase your caloric intake to 1,500/day.  After that, you’ve essentially reset your metabolism,
so your body actually fights to stay at the new weight.  Pretty cool, huh?  I’m eating what I want,
but I want and crave much healthier, whole foods.  I rarely eat bread or starches and I think that
is the big difference.  My clothes fit better and I’m so much more comfortable.  This week, I start
a fitness challenge with All-Out fitness in Mahopac – now to build some muscle!  Good luck, ladies!”


I look and feel great! I’ve lost 45lbs. and only five more to go before I reach my high school weight.
I remember feeling tired, depressed and unfocused.  I ate too much and constantly craved sugar and
fatty foods.  It was an endless cycle of eating unhealthy food and then being miserable which,
of course, made me hungry.  I couldn’t drive past a convenience store without longing for a candy bar
and diet soda even when my stomach was full. A friend of mine lost 30lb. with the Mango Weight Loss
Accelerator.  I tried it and the results have been amazing. Roxanne has been a tremendous help with
motivation and monitoring.  I couldn’t have done it without you!I feel fantastic!  No more hunger.
No more food cravings.  My head is clear and I have a lot more energy than before.
Now that I’ve shaken the food addictions I can make this lifestyle change permanent
Dean, Las Vegas, NV


“My name is Stefania, I live in Italy and I’m 36 years of age. Last summer I went to the States
where I heard about the HCG diet for the first time in my life. A friend of mine in LA was under
the loving care of Roxanne and made me very curious! I read all the papers she had available.
I bought immediately a bottle of Homeopathic HCG while I was still trying to be convinced. Once
in Italy I read everything possible about Dr. Simeons, his approach to obesity and his Protocol.
I went through all the rubbish I found on Internet and made my decision. His theory made sense
to me! I have been dieting most of my life! With some good results at first, but adding 10 kg over
the pounds lost every time. It was so depressing! For this reason I was a bit skeptical at first,
but my friend wasso confident that I convinced myself to have a go! Roxanne has been fantastic,
because she has patiently answered to all my doubts, and gave me the encouragement that I needed
when I needed it! I was emailing her very often (sorry about that) and Roxanne was always available
for me! Thank you so much! At the end of this first 41 days experience, I have lost 30.2 lbs and
from neck to ankles an amount of 39.17 inches.  I haven’t reached my goal yet. I’ll have to repeat
the protocol few more times! I am now looking forward to try the new African Mango.
Roxanne Hope to meet you personally one day. Thanks again for your wonderful help!
Your Italian Friend  Stefania,  “Italy”


I first heard of HCG in 2009. I called a doctor and went on the diet. They mailed me the
diet and drops. It cost me $145.00 and when I finished the 23 days I had to call the doctor
for a phone console which was another $45.00. I lost 21lbs. and 8 inches from neck to knees.
He did not help me with anything other than sending me some papers.In 2011 I gained a lot of
weigh due to a flood in my house and no Kitchen for 45 days. I decided it was time to do the
HCG again. This time through a co-worker I obtained Roxanne’s name. What a world of difference.
The diet that she supplied was different and the drops where homeopathic but it was still HGC,
and only cost $70.00. Roxanne supplied me with all kinds of information and paper work to help
me with the diet and a food bible that is awesome, but the best part is that she helps you
through the diet at all times and it is free. Also, Roxanne has a website that has lots of
information and recipes for all stages of the diet and what foods work better for each individual.
I lost 36lbs and 20 inches from neck to knees and I feel great. The diet was so easy because
Roxanne would be there when I had issues and support me through the hard times and encourage
me all the time. I have recommend Roxanne to everyone that wants to lose weight, because of
the great program and wonderful support I received from Roxanne.
Pam  Las Vegas, Nevada


My name is Roberta I am sixty three years old. My husband Merle is sixty two. A few months
ago we both were feeling a might bit out of shape, we both had put on some weight, and just
didn’t feel good about ourselves. In the past we had tried other things to lose weight,
even with working out we just didn’t seem to accomplish much. I was getting where I hated
to go anywhere other than work, cause I never liked or felt comfortable in my clothes.
I didn’t enjoy shopping anymore, it wasn’t fun. I was very unhappy with how I looked and felt.
We heard about Roxanne from a friend and thought why not it wouldn’t hurt to meet with her
and check out this HCG. So we did, and we both were very impressed with her and saw how
beautiful she was and how it made a big difference in her life. We thought what did we have
to loose, but weight Ha! Ha! So we took the plunge and went on the HCG diet. Roxanne had
everything written out in what to do and not. Which helped a lot. When we started I weighed
a 183 Lbs and wore a size 14, now I weigh a 150Lbs and wear a size 8. Merle weighed 211 Lbs
and wore a size 38. Now he weighs 182 Lbs and wears a size 32. Of course you lose inches also.
We are both so happy with our weight loss and we have been very successful in maintaining our
weight for several months. We learned so much about what foods to eat and we both really enjoy
eating the healthy way. And we also got back into working out at the gym, Exercise is also
important. I know with me it made a big difference in all the support my husband gave me and
then with him doing it with me I’m sure that made it easier for me, cause I really had more
bad eating habits than he did. We really enjoyed losing weight together. It made a big
difference with some health issues also our Arthritis doesn’t bother us as much, we would ache
all the time. Neither one of us is bothered with indigestion like before.  I have been able to
cut down on my blood pressure medicine and maybe can go off of it, of course that will be up to
my Doctor, but my blood pressure has been a lot better. We can’t thank Roxanne enough for all
her support and knowledge that helped Merle and I feel good about ourselves again.
Roxanne you Rock! There are a lot of people out there that need your help.You sure helped us
turn our lives around.God Bless You!
Merle and Roberta Lake Havasu City, AZ


“Thanks to this herbal HCG Diet and Roxanne as my coach I was able to lose 15 Lbs and 24 inches
from head to toe in just three weeks! My inspiration in trying this diet was when I saw the
results of a close friend had always struggled with her weight her whole life! When I saw how
much weight she had lost in such short amount of time really impressed me! I was referred to the
amazing coach Roxanne and ONLY three weeks later with her help, seeing me once a week; now I’m
at and have maintained my goal weight of 115! J Thanks for all you’re coaching Roxanne!
And now my results have already inspired co-workers and close friends to try it!
You won’t be disappointed!” Thank You Roxanne For Everything
**~SaRa~**   Las Vegas, NV


My husband and I met Roxanne through a friend, who’s friend was on this HCG and was telling her how
great this product was. I was a little skeptical at first when I heard about it, but after my first
appointment with Roxanne, our lives has been forever changed. For us, we didn’t cook and going out
to dinner every night was the norm. We started the PROTOCOL and followed it correctly (which was
amazingly easy), and lost together with my husband over 70 pounds. We learned to cook at home and
haven’t eaten out ever since we tarted this.I was always sleeping and my husband was snoring and
could barely bend over to tie his shoes. It has completely changed our lives!!!  I got my cholesterol
checked and it went down to 155. We have never felt or have looked better. My husband’s snoring has
decreased incredibly and I never want to sleep anymore!! When we see people we haven’t seen in a
while, they all can’t believe how great we look! I owe this to Roxanne and this incredible product.
I must say, going once a week to get weighted and measured is so motivating, it keeps you on track
and she doesn’t even charge extra for the mentoring!! She has taught my husband and I so much about
eating healthy and portion control. I truly recommend this product to anyone who has struggled years
after years yo-yo dieting…..this is a lifestyle change that will forever CHANGE your life!!!
John & Aliana  Las Vegas, NV


I’ve know Roxanne for almost 40 years, being slim and trim best friend!! Through the years, the ups
and downs of life, the traveling, the entertaining etc have had a tendency to pack on the lbs. I’ve often
followed her advice on many things..clearing out anything & everything from our diets containing Corn
syrup!! When I called and she was throwing out everything with corn syrup i did the same. Which was a
great move.We consume nothing with corn syrup to this day. But the lbs stayed through exercise &
trying to watch my diet.When she told me about HCG, I was Leary as I had heard so many negative
things and read many as well.We met up for dinner for the first time after her being on maintenance
and I was amazed to see how great she looked!!! And believe me we’ve been on some diets, cleanses,
fasts etc…Soooo, I take on the challenge of her homeopathic HCG… I’ve always been a tiny person,
but the fat around my middle had gotten out of control..my size 4s gone 6 really tight.. As of day 23
(never swaying from the diet) I’m 13 lbs lighter & 23 inches gone!! I only have 3 days of drops left,
3 days no drops then maintenance for me!!!I’ve always been a good cook being on HCG just made me a
better healthier one…
Debbi   Las Vegas, NV


As a lifetime member of Weight Watchers,I thought I was as thin as I could be. But after measuring
my percentage of body fat,I realized I could be so much more. The HCG diet helped me lose weight,
inches and fat FAST! It requires a great deal of self control and determination to push past my desire
to eat, but I found this was due to our culture and customs to want to eat socially, NOT because I
was hungry. I persevered despite losing my diet partner to alack of will power. I’ve made it to
maintenance where I am happy to be eating again,enjoying healthy food and protein while conscious
of my choices. I am so proud that I am the thinnest I have been since high school! I LIKE being thin
and I feel GREAT! I think I look pretty good too! 😉 THANK YOU Roxanne!
Sherrah  Las Vegas, NV


It all started for me in Oct 2010 when Roxanne told me that she had decided to do a
fast and weight loss program.  I didn’t hear anything she said after 500 calories a day,
there was no way for me.  Then I saw her results and decided to listen to her from
beginning to end.  After I understood how HCG Protocol works and Roxanne promised to
stick with me through the whole process I took the plunge.  I started in January at a
weight of 153.5 lbs and 41% body fat, I ended on February 20th at 134lbs and 35% body
fat.I wouldn’t say it was easy but I would say it was worth every moment of discomfort.
I believe in being realistic.  I gained my weight over a long period of time.  I had a
severe addiction to sugar and carbs.  Other than a dull headache that lasted about one
week I had no physical side effects.  90% mental for me and I was ready to take on the
challenge.Roxanne was instrumental in my success. As my coach she was encouraging,
relentless, and knowledgeable.I am now approaching the end of my second round.
Only 3 days left and I am at my goal weight.  A loose size 6 and only 31% body fat.
I no longer have an addiction to sugar or carbs.I know that I will never go back to
the habits that made me fat.I now love the flavor of good clean food.  I also workout
3 or 4 times a week for about 40 minutes.
Thank you Roxanne your coaching was the key for me!!

Sinthea   Las Vegas. NV


I thought you were crazy when you first told me about HCG! I thought “Well I will let
her try it and then I’ll see.”  Obviously way to good to be true! I couldn’t believe
the things that you were telling me in your e-mails! Your fantastic results and that
you weren’t hungry only eating 500 calories a day. I HAVE to try it.
My story: I was young and thin but as life went on so did the weight. At my heaviest
I ripped out the crotch of a pair of jeans bowling one night. Absolutely mortified!
A week later in the world of weight loss, Weight Watchers taught me that I was an
emotional eater (I like crunchy things when I am mad or stressed) and my portions were
to large (super-size me),my Doctor taught me that my insides weren’t looking so good
and a Dietician taught me that although, after a couple of years of working at it with
my doctor, I had finally gotten my cholesterol and triglycerides down to healthy level,
I ate to much good food. Who knew, right?! Portion control again! A good salad isn’t
eating a whole head of lettuce! My problem was my belly fat, you know, that hard to
loose fat that everyone out there has a new and better product that melts it away!
It seems no matter what I did I couldn’t get IT to go away. I could hide it with my
clothes but it literally weighed me down. It was depressing and ugly to me!As I
started HCG some of the typical fat went away but some of the other places that I lost
blew my mind, my knees thinned down as did my neck and arms.  It took a few weeks of
weighing and measuring but my belly fat did go down! It no longer sits on my thighs!
I lost 2 pant sizes and am truly happier then I have been in a long time!
I am comfortable again!

Fonda (aka Biffy)   Witchita, KS

I saw my wife’s cousin  after she finished the HCG protocol and ” WOW ”  she looked
incredible.  So my wife decided to do it with my daughter in law and Roxanne said she
would coach them and help them through the HCG protocol.My wife and my daughter in
law started to do the HCG protocol and the whole time I kept saying to myself there
is no way I could do this diet, I thought to myself and I even told them. I want my
pizza, coffee with creme and sugar and doughnuts which got me overweight to begin with
and there`s no way I can live on the 500 calories a day!!! After watching them lose
about pound a day, I  noticed there results rather quickly and the food that they were
eating looked so good!!!    I started to say to myself I think I could do it, and when
they finished the HCG diet I said ” WOW ” You both look  awesome. I feel like I have a
brand new woman when I hug my wife now after she’s lost over 20 pounds!!! So then I
decided to do the HCG protocol and to my surprise, I started noticing that it was easier
then I expected. I`m not missing eating any pizza, doughnuts or other junk food.I
actually set my mind that I can do this with no problem. I started on March 29th 2011 and
currently still doing it and I have lost about 18 pounds of fat and when I went for a
check up, my blood pressure had even dropped quite a bit, over 10 points.I can even put
pants on that I haven’t been able to wear in over a year that were either to tight to
wear or I couldn’t put them on at all because the buttons were about 3-4 inches away
from me being able to button the jeans. My belt that holds my pants up, I moved over
3 holes so I could keep my pants from falling down off my waist All I can say is that
I am so glad that I started this HCG diet, and I know that when I finish it I will be
successful and I don`t ever want to go back to being overweight ever again.
Thank you Roxanne for your support and helping  me to understand properly how to do
the HCG protocol. Now I’m on my way to back to a healthier weight.

Mark   Las Vegas, NV

Roxanne, Thank you sooooo much for the help you’ve given me and my sister. We started
this three weeks ago and already we’ve lost almost twenty pounds. Your care and
attention to every little detail has inspired us to continue this journey and more
importantly you’ve helped us believe we can reach our goals. My knees don’t hurt anymore
by the way when I walk down stairs. A big plus! I can’t tell you enough how greatful
I am for your help and your care. You’ll be getting lots of phone calls soon from
prospective clients. Everyone noticing my weight loss. I feel great!!Thanks again.
Your friend forever.

Minnie   Las Vegas, NV